Shaw IT

Information Technology Consulting and Network Management Services

Communications And IT Expertise For Foreign Entities In Thailand

We understand the IT needs of foreign entities in Thailand and the challenges that come with securely managing your communications. We have a profound understanding of Thailand's IT profile and have decades of experience in dealing with the organisations that operating the country's infrastructure. We can help you overcome the challenges in setting up local offices, onboarding local IT staff and provide general guidance through the complex local issues.

Services For Foreign Companies

  • IT consulting services for overseas companies wishing to do business in Thailand
  • International VPN infrastructure
  • We have extensive experience with local telecoms operators and can advise on the best options for your telephony
  • Leased internet lines and alternatives to leased lines
  • Procuring statip IPs without breaking the bank
  • Assist with carrier grade international voice lines
  • Oversight and sanity checking of your IT strategy
  • Website localisation
  • Protect your infrasructure from malware and attacks with DNS blocklists and intstrusion detection

Services For Expatriates

  • Set up fully routable static IP address even on consumer/home user lines
  • Assist with carrier grade IDD phone numbers (local and overseas numbers)